No assasins.

No Godmodding (Instant mass destruction, dodge everything, etc.)

No dragons/Demigods/Gods/Angels. No being an animal.

No uncanny knowledge (Knowing a rebel is a rebel when you first see them etc.)

Not a space roleplay. (No interplanatery travel/contact etc.)

Pets must comply to Rule 3. Also, mounts may not be ridden unless large enough. (Horse etc.)

No magic above street magic (Apart from Magician Classes. Juggling fire etc. still allowed)

Controlling NPCs is allowed.( But no large groups, or controlling a charecter you cant be. Kings and queens can control semi large groups of guards.)

Dont give away admins. if you know one is there, dont say.

Looking for loop holes is bannable. Dont do it.

No controlling another persons charecter unless agreed in OOC chat. For example, kidnapping is allowed but killing isnt.

Only amulets made by Tecmagdiams may be used. Others are fakes and may not be used. If the amulet description doesnt say it can do something, assume it cant.

Lastly, try and have fun in this awesome game!

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